– your go-to live event calligrapher and engraver from Houston, TX, ready to make your events unforgettable. Through live personalization, I turn ordinary items into keepsakes that your guests will cherish, using my skills to etch memories on almost any surface.

Imagine the buzz when attendees see their names elegantly written in real-time—now that's how you leave a lasting impression.

Hi There, I'm Jen!

My journey to calligraphy started in an unexpected way. I've always enjoyed learning and using different creative skills but always viewed them as hobbies rather than something I'd do professionally. I earned my degree in audiology and speech pathology then shifted gears to become a stay-at-home mom. I channeled my creative side through planning parties, creating fun holiday traditions, and crafting with my four active boys. In early 2020, I took a calligraphy course and got hooked.

Then, after I tore my MCL skiing and the world went into lockdown from COVID-19, I found myself with lots of time to practice! This period of isolation sparked the creation of my Instagram page, She Made It Like That, a space to connect with others over our shared love for calligraphy.

Engraving with Kilian Paris at Saks 

What started as a hobby quickly grew into my passion and now, my profession. My initial focus was on wedding signage and décor. Since my first in-store engraving event in June 2021 for Gucci and Chloe, I have found that what lights me up the most is getting to interact with and create for people live at on-site events. Since then I've had the privilege to work with brands such as Dior, Jo Malone London, Covergirl, and many more.

I love helping a variety of brands, companies, couples, and private clients create amazing personalized experiences for their clients or guests in a way that aligns with their guidelines, aesthetic, or style. My specialty is my ability to write on practically anything! This gives us the flexibility to design an activation and customize something specific to your event. 

Ready to make your event stand out and provide a unique wow factor for your guests? Let's chat!

I'm based in Houston but will travel the world to bring a personalized touch to your special occasions.

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