Let's create a one-of-a-kind personalization your customers take part in by choosing words or simple illustration. They can then be amazed as they see me create it by hand before their eyes. They’ll leave with a special keepsake and stronger connection with your brand!

Ready to create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests or customers? 

Spice up your next event with personalized on-site magic

live events

Whether it’s with pointed pen and ink, paint pen, or paint brush, I write beautiful lettering on practically any surface!

This works perfectly for creating customized gifts and personalizing products. I’m happy to work with you to dream up surface options that guests will love plus works well with the flow of your event.

Live Event Calligraphy

Hand-engraving uses a sleek, portable, and quiet drill to permanently etch special names, words, or illustrations into glass, ceramic, metal, or plastic surfaces.

From the initial design drafting to the finished result, the process usually takes 5-10 minutes. Total time is influenced by word count and design complexity.

With most surfaces, the engraved area can be filled in with a gold or silver wax to make the engraving really shine.

On-site Engraving

Heat foiling or debossing are beautiful and elegant ways to personalize leather or vegan leather and create a unique brand activation for your guests.

Heat foiling uses a heat and pressure to create a shiny, gold design on the surface. Debossing uses the same tool to create heat and pressure to press the design into the leather creating subtle, dimensional depth in the design.

Personalization ideas include name, words, initials, dates, or simple illustrations. Some examples of leather items are luggage tags, belts, watches, and bags.

Heat Foiling or Debossing Activation

"I stumbled upon She Made It Like That on Instagram and saw that free engraving was being offered, with the purchase of a Dior perfume, at a nearby Macy’s store. I am getting married in a few months and thought engraved perfume bottles for my bridal party would be a sweet way to say thank you. I ended up buying 4 bottles and she engraved them all within the hour with custom text. She is incredibly talented and her work shows that! I can’t wait to gift my bridal party their perfume bottles! Highly recommend!"


“As a wedding photographer, I love recommending professional calligraphy for so many sweet details. And Jen offers so many creative and unique services! She's always dreaming up new ideas for your wedding design. Beyond her amazing ideas, she executes them flawlessly and professionally. I cannot recommend Jen enough for her calligraphy for your wedding day signage, name cards, perfume engraving- and more!"

Alicia - Alicia Yarrish Photography