6 Tips for Elevating Your Engagement Party with a Live Engraving Artist

Feb 6


Your engagement party is a special occasion, and you want it to be unforgettable for both you and your guests.

One way to add a touch of uniqueness and entertainment to your party is by having a live engraving or calligraphy artist on-site to personalize items right before their eyes!

I had the privilege of engraving wine and whiskey glasses for guests at an amazing party celebrating Leah and Chris’s engagement. Guests were excited by the chance to request special words, names, or initials and then watch as I engraved them on their glass. Many were amazed and said they’d never seen anything like this before!

Wanting to incorporate live engraving into your next event? Today I’m sharing 6 tips for making this experience successful and memorable. Make sure to read to the end, number 6 is my new favorite tip!



It may seem very obvious that you need to choose an engraving artist for an engraving event but there are details that go into this decision that you may not expect! Before choosing an engraver, check out their work in places such as their website or Instagram. Do you like their style of engraving? Have they done events before? Engraving in studio vs. live on-site are two very different experiences. A live engraver needs to be able to work quickly and feel comfortable working with people watching and sometimes filming them. We often also carry on conversations with guests while engraving so being able to multitask is also a helpful skill!



Position the engraving station near the entrance or close to a high-traffic area. This makes it easily visible to guests as they arrive, enticing them to explore this fun entertainment option right away.

Pro tip for when you’re a guest at a party with a live event artist – Stop by their table as soon as you can before a line forms! Sometime it can get long.



I was asked to arrive an hour early and was so glad I did! The table I worked at was completely buried in boxes of glasses.

I was able to unpack and break down boxes, arrange glasses and bags, plus set up all my engraving tools and materials in an aesthetically pleasing and organized way before guests arrived.



 I was so grateful I packed portable lamps for the engraving table. The corner of the pool house I set up in was dimly lit and engraving would have been nearly impossible without them!

Small lamps are a great way to balance mood lighting in the room with being able to see well enough to engrave.

An added bonus to the lamps was how beautifully they highlighted the engraved glasses, making them sparkle and the engraving really pop.



Providing a few different glass styles or designs for guests to choose from added a layer of personalization to their experience. While variety is exciting, too many choices can lead to decision fatigue and longer wait times at the engraving station.

The guests at this party had the choice between a fun-shaped Anthropologie wine glass or a gold-rimmed William Sonoma Double Old-Fashioned glass. Two absolutely beautiful options!



Now for my new favorite tip: Takeaway Bags!

This event was my first time seeing fun bags given to guests to safely carry and take home their glass keepsakes in and I thought it was genius! Bailey Connor Catering planned for cute and practical bags for guests to carry their engraved glasses in that are a gift in and of themselves.

In the past I’ve handed guests their finished glass and to carry around and try not to drop and break it. This time I put each finished glass into a bubble wrap pouch then placed them in a cute bag.

The bags included a fun vintage key chain and colored tissue paper that incorporated the style and colors of the 70’s party theme while providing additional padding. A perfect combo of form and function!


Having a live engraver at your engagement party adds an element of surprise and personalization that your guests will cherish. They can take home a unique, engraved glass as a memento of your special day, and the entertainment value of watching the engraving process is an experience they won’t forget.

Thinking of including live glass engraving at your next party? With the right setup and thoughtful planning, it’s sure to be a hit and a memorable part of your celebration. Cheers to a groovy and unforgettable engagement party for Leah and Chris!



Planning + Catering: Bailey Connor Catering 
Photographer: Charlie Horse Photos
Live Engraving: She Made It Like That
Photo Booth: Stevie the Photo Bus
Cake: The Bake Happening
Florals: Ponderosa Flower Studio

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